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no end to the violence in the middle east tonight. hundreds of rockets launched between israel and gaza on the fourth day of the conflict. and a deadly attack inside a
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d.c. metro station. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. a robbery leads to an argument inside the woodley park metro station. one man was beaten the other stabbed to death. darcie spencer has reaction tonight from the victim's friends and neighbors as well. darcie? >> that happened right here at this metro station, down inside the tunnel. if you take a look over here, you can see metro transit police are here, there is an increased presence. nine juv 23450eniles are in cusn connection with this incident. 18-year-old ala duwan griffin has been identified as the teen stabbed to death about 1:15 saturday morning. >> senseless, sad. it's really sad. i seen his mother this morning, it's -- we're still mourning.
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>> griffin was robbed of personal belongings at 18th street and columbia road northwest. and then he ran into the same group at the woodley park metro station on connecticut avenue. that's when his friend was robbed and beaten by the group of teens griffin was stabbed. >> the decedent and his associates encountered the subjects who had robbed him at the woodley park metro. in an altercation ensued which led to the stabbing and the assault of the other victim. >> nine maryland boys ranging from 15 to 17 years old have been charged with connection with the assault and robbery. one of them a 17-year-old has been charged with murder two. >> he was a good kid. two jobs, had his head on right. i think he was trying to hang out and have a good time with his friends. >> i would never expect this to happen to him. everyone knew him. he's always the one that's there. whenever you needed him, he's there. >> griffin lived in olney where
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neighbors are stunned. he was a 2012 graduate from sherwood high school, where he played football. he was working two jobs, one of them he started recently at the national institutes of health. >> he was so sensible. >> reporter: two weapons were recovered from the crime scene, one of them was a knife. the teens are charged with juveniles, the 17-year-old charged in the murder could be charged as an adult. we'll find that out in court on monday. reporting live from northwest washington, darcie spencer news 4. >> we're seeing the video that led to the suspension of two prince georges county police officers. the video was put on youtube. the video shows two african-american officers pulling over a black driver and using derogatory language toward the driver. the police chief at the head of
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the officer's union both called the video inappropriate. youtube took the video down at the request of police. both officers are on administrative leave. a hearing will be held next week to determine their fate. violence rages on tonight in the middle east. after rocket attacks larged at jerusalem and tell arrive. israel attacked the headquarters at hamas' prime minister. israel carried out at least 300 air strikes a day on a variety of targets. more than 160 rockets also came flying in to israel from gaza. many are being intercepted by israel's elaborate anti-defense system. israeli officials say so far three israeli civilians have been killed with at least 50 injured. in gaza, at least 48 people have been killed since the violence started on wednesday. it was sparked by the assassination of the hamas
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military chief. >> i say it's probably about 10 meters from the house. i'm not sure that anyone would have provided that. >> officials from hamas and key allies met today in egypt. mohammed morsi said there are some indications that a cease-fire could be reached. back here in our area, mild temperatures and some sun in our area today. chuck bell is here now to tell us if we have more on the same on tap for tomorrow. >> we had a wonderful day outside today. you couldn't ask for two days that nice in a row, could you? you could ask for it, and you might get it. the clouds are going to wait long enough in the day tomorrow where most of your sunday is going to be filled with sunshine. that's welcomed news. temperatures are allowed back down in the mid-30s. still near 50 in annapolis, your sunday planner will be off to a nice sunny start. temperatures will be in the 30s
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in the morning we'll start to pick up clouds in the afternoon. with the sun going down before 5:00, we'll get a decent amount of sunshine. 9:56 hours of daylight tomorrow. we'll talk about the upcoming holiday coming up. a prince georges county convenience store is cleaning up after a car drove right through the front door this afternoon. it happened at the 7-eleven on allentown road in camp springs. no one inside was hurt. it's going to take a while to clean it up, he's taking it all in stride. >> because this happened, you never know what's going to happen. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused her to drive into the store. the store is open for business as they make repairs. detectives are looking for a suspect who held up a man at the
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atm with his 4-year-old daughter standing by 37 police say the suspect forced the man to withdraw money and took off. the victim was not hurt during the attack. after months of construction, the 495 express lanes are now officially open for business the new lanes run between the american legion bridge and springfield. the price of the tolls will vary based on traffic conditions. officials are asking everyone to pay attention to the new signs and ramps, and not to panic if you end up in the express lanes by mistake. >> once you're in the 495 express lanes, your best bet, even if you don't have a pass, stay in those lanes. after that you go to
11:08 pm and click on missed a toll and pay the toll. >> there were three accidents in the express lanes all at the same point northbound at braddock road. after keeping a low profile, david petraeus' former mistress spotted in d.c. tonight. the white house official who says solving the fiscal cliff is a matter of national security. and black friday may be a week away, but some employees aren't taking any chances. ♪
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new video tonight of the woman at the center of the david petraeus cia scandal. paula broad well returned to her
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home. since admitting to an affair with david petraeus, broadwell has not been seen. nbc news reports both broad well and kelly visited the white house multiple times in the last four years. broadwell visited once in 2009 and 2011. hillary clinton weighed in on avoiding the fiscal cliff. she's in singapore this weekend, she'll join president obama next week for the east asia summit. both republicans and democrats must come up with a plan to avoid across the board increases and budget cuts set to go into effect january 1st. she called it important for the u.s. economy and national security. >> reaching a deal is critical to both. it will shore up our ability to
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project economic power around the globe. strengthen our position in the competition of ideas, shaping the global marketplace, and remind all nations that we remain a steady and dependable partner. >> president obama met with congressional leaders from both parties yesterday to start the long process of hammering out a deal. both sides remain confident they can find common ground before christmas. a special day for some new d.c. families. the foster children officially adopted today at the city's annual adoption day. after a beautiful sunny day, chuck bell is talking about some clouds coming our way.
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these are best buy employees gearing up for black friday. best buy in atlanta held a rehearsal for the shopping day. long lines much customers asking lots of questions. the store will open thursday at midnight and expect major crowds. black friday is typically one of the busiest shopping days of the year. dozens of kids are spending their first night tonight with their new parents. 34 adoptions were finalized today at the city's 26th annual adoption day. the event was emceed by barbara harrison. d.c. superior court and the district's child and family services agency co-hosted the event today. d.c. still has 120 children in s foster care system waiting
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for adoption. today is national adoption day. >> i will give a shoutout to barbara harrison. >> 20 plus years of just -- >> making that cause and making it everyone's cause, it's done so much good for so many people, all those families, the 34 today. hundreds and hundreds over the years. >> it spread beyond -- >> it's a great program. >> what a great time to have it. >> something for everybody to be thankful for. >> as you look into your crystal ball -- >> i think the clouds are still coming, but they're going to get here late in the day tomorrow where most of your day will be filled with sunshine. i don't see a lot in the way of raindrops. that's good news for all the
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travelers this week. outside we go. there's the nation's capitol right under a beautiful clear sky here in washington. it turned out to be a really nice day today. no surprise at all. our high temperature 55 degrees after a 36 degree start earlier this morning. the last four days in a row now have all been cooler than average. i think tomorrow and monday may still be on the cooler than average side. there is a warming trend coming our way just in time for thanksgiving. for now, mostly clear skies, 42 degrees in washington. winds out of the northeast averaging five miles an hour, it's going to be with us here for much of the coming days. that northeast wind typically brings more and more cloud cover in place. and that's what's going to be happening. what are you going to do tomorrow, the redskins back in action after a bye week, big game tomorrow with the eagles. 1:00 to 4:00 at fedex field. perfect football weather.
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generally sunny skies. upper 40s and low 50s. a lot of people traveling, we're looking around the country this week. most of the unsettled weather is way out across parts of the west coast. if you have flights out there, you may have delays on your sunday. nothing brewing, no big blizzards in the midwest. that is welcomed news. this area storm is off the carolina coastline. that is part of the reason we have clouds increasing in our forecast here in the coming days. mostly clear and cool overnight tonight. with that east-northeasterly wind. the area of high pressure will hold firm through tomorrow. that keeps the sunshine in place for much of our sunday. the clouds come back sunday night into early monday. depending on how warm this storminess can get. may thicken the clouds up monday night into tuesday. it doesn't look like it's going to come up the coast too quickly. for now, it looks like this, a lot of clouds here, monday afternoon to early wednesday time frame. things will clear back out.
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clear and not quite as chilly tonight. lows in the 30s, for tomorrow nice day. a little bit of cloudiness in the afternoon. nothing to complain about. on the cool side for the next few days. big travel day is wednesday. no problem there's, turkey day, perfect. 60 degrees on turkey day. 60 also on black friday. >> that's awesome. good to get out after the meal and digest. >> thank you, chuck. coming up in sports, the seminoles, they sack away any chance of a bowl game for
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carol's here, what's going on with maryland? >> nothing official. but your jaw is going to drop. a number of published reports today say that maryland -- you can put your jaw back. maryland is in talks to joining the big ten. yahoo and the terps are in serious negotiations to switch from the acc to the big 10 conference. nothing official. meantime, acc football matchup today, terps hosting florida state. and its seniors day, birds stadium. guess who's in the house. sean merriman, they could have used him today. first quarter, seminoles already up 14-0. kenneth tate bringing him down. great senior day for tate. but knolls top defense is
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bringing it too. sean petty, ssu doing it on both sides of the ball. he had time here, he's airing out to rashad green who hauls in a 30-yard touchdown. seminoles up 27-0. as they've shown all year, maryland keeps fighting. terps going for it on fourth down. not open, going back the other way, finding senior kevin dorsey. dorsey is going to barely into the end zone. two touchdowns on the day, not enough. florida state wins it 41-14. they clinch a spot in the acc title game, while the terps are knocked out of bowl contention. edsall still being positive about the future. >> from what this team has been through so far. they're out there battling. we can't control all those things that have taken place with the injuries. you can look back and say, this didn't happen we might -- you
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can't, because it is what it is. these kids are going to be so much stronger because of the adversity they've had to face and had to meet head on as we continue to move forward. boston college fans were welcoming in virginia tech. the hokies looking to keep their bowl chances alive. pick it up third quarter, eagles lead. dropping back, he's going to go for it. deep pass to marcus davis, he's going to go up and get it, 37-yard touchdown. 17-13. this one's heading to overtime, tied at 23. logan thomas, all the time in the world to find randall dunn, back of the end zone. what a snag. boston college with the last chance to keep the game going. fourth and 11. chase redick with the short pass. david dudeck gets it. they bring him down. tech wins it 30-23. one more w. and tech's going to be bowl
11:25 pm
eligible. >> wild one down in morgantown. chuck bell loving this. oklahoma visiting west virginia. pick it up late. 44-43. gino smith finds steadman bailey, bailey finds the end zone. the mountaineers are going crazy. oklahoma they're not putting 27 seconds left in the game. landry jones to kenny stills for the five-yard score and the sooners win a thriller, 50-49. i know, he's taking a deep breath. navy hosting texas state on senior day in annapolis. keenan reynolds hands off to koeks land. coke land finds some room, lowers the boom into the end zone. two on the day for coke land. fourth quarter, navy's up 14-3. reynolds running the option. pitches to g.g. green. he wills himself to that pile on. navy rushes for 407 yards in the
11:26 pm
game. they win, 21-10 the final score. the wizards have all of us jazzed up a little bit for tonight. another fourth quarter collapse against utah and the whiz kids search are to the first w of the season. they look early and often as the story goes, it ends in disappointing fashion. there were highlights, though. check out this smooth move. we have highlights on the court as well. pick it up early. wizards starting off right. jordan crawford got the start. spotting up from the corner. three of crawford's 20 points. crawford loses the ball. mo williams the alley and gordon hayward, the oop. jazz up 4. it's all tied at 61. williams getting the easy two here. utah goes on to win it 83-76. washington falls to 0-8 for the
11:27 pm
second year in a row. >> we got enough here to win games. we do. we have to believe that. and i have to help them believe in themselves. >> right now, we're on eight. we just have to keep every game there. it's a matter of us keeping the game, keeping them cushioned. >> bradley beale who had to come off the bench tonight for jordan crawford. the wizards are the second team in nba history to go ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese...
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on c-span. next on "book notes," author paula broadwell discusses "all in" her in depth study of the life and career of general david petraeus. in her book miss broadwell

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